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Get Ready for Fall With These Top 4 Organizing Tips

Autumn is well underway and with that comes a lot of preparation for the last three months of the year. But with so much to love this season, it can quickly overwhelm. There are so many holidays! The best thing you can do is to take things one day at a time and to prepare early. To help, I’ve come up with four handy things you can do to get ready for fall and the final quarter of the year.

These tips will help you welcome fall with open arms. It'll also help you feel ready for the craziness to come. You can do all four or pick and choose. Either way, being prepared has never been a bad thing.

Let’s get ready for fall!

#1 — Prepare your house for the colder months

One of the first things you should do to get ready for fall and the colder months is to prepare your home. This is especially important if you live in an area w

here the last quarter of the year can get particularly nasty. Seasons change fast and before you know it there will be a few inches of snow outside your door.

Now is the time to sit down with your spouse or partner and figure out what you need to do. Take 30 minutes and list every single thing you want and/or need to do. This list might include:

  • Weatherstrip windows and doors

  • Remove screens and put in storm windows

  • Check the roof for leaks

  • Clean out gutter

  • Store outdoor furniture

If your list is long, don’t panic. Simply start scheduling days to get things done. Make another list of supplies you’ll need and one weekend, head to Home Depot or Lowe’s and get everything you need. How are your shovels? Grab new ones now before the first snowstorm. How about your rakes? Leaf blowers? Getting new equipment now rather than when the time comes will save you a lot of time and headaches.

Another thing you’ll want to do is remove your window AC unit. Be sure to clean it before storing it away. Imagine It Done NY has a great blog post you can refer to here. If you don’t have a window AC unit, make sure to purchase the right size tarp for your central air unit. You want to get this done before too many leaves start falling.

Getting your home ready for fall might take a few weeks. It might take all of October and parts of November. The important thing is to take care of the big things first. This way they’re done and you can move on to something easier, like getting your winter clothes out of storage.

#2 — Transition your closet

There’s nothing like sweater weather. Getting warm and cozy under a blanket with a hot chocolate or tea while wearing a sweater is an unmatched experience. But if your sweaters and warmer clothes are stored away, now is the time to bring them out. When you get ready for fall, it’s sad to say goodbye to spring and summer clothes. But they’ll be back before you know it.

You may not need to put all your summer stuff away. Depending on the weather where you live, it’s a good idea to keep out a few lighter shirts just in case. You can always store those away when you don’t need them anymore.

Schedule a day to start and complete the transition. You don’t want clothes hanging around your bedroom or closet for a week. So pop on some tunes, close your door, and swap those clothes out.

You could also use this time to declutter any clothes you no longer want. Before you pack anything away for the season, ask yourself if you wore it. If not, will you wear it next year? If the answer is a resounding no, donate it. Do the same for your winter clothes. Ask yourself if you wore a certain sweater last year. If not, are you going to wear it this year?

#3 — Declutter your home

Did you declutter your clothes while transitioning your closet from summer to winter? If yes, keep that momentum going. Another way to get ready for fall is to use this time to declutter your home. I’m not just talking about clothes. I’m talking about your entire house.

Make a plan to go through every room, every drawer, every nook, and cranny. As you assess items, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I use this?

  • Do I love this?

  • Does this add value to my life?

Be honest with yourself. Don’t skim over stuff. If you make it a habit to declutter every season or at least twice a year, you’re going to find a lot of things that you don’t use or need. Consistent re-evaluation is one of the key elements to keeping a home decluttered.

Some culprits might be duplicate kitchen gadgets, cookbooks you haven’t opened in years, expired spices hidden in the back of your pantry, old toys your kids don’t play with anymore, etc.

If the item in question isn’t used, loved, or brings value, feel free to let it go without regret. This will not only get you ready for fall, but it’ll also make your home feel lighter.

#4 — Plan your holiday calendar

I mentioned earlier that fall is the benchmark of a very busy season. You skate through October because there isn’t anything crazy going on. Then November hits and BAM!, you have a ton of holiday planning to do.

One way you can get ready for fall and the holidays to come is by getting a jump start on your holiday planning. Open up your calendar and pencil in dates you know are booked. Does your mother-in-law host Thanksgiving every year? Do you host any holiday dinners or parties? Have any friends told you of plans they have? What about school events like concerts or fundraisers Whatever you can think of, write it down.

Take an afternoon and fill in your calendar. Use a pencil so if anything does change you can easily erase and shift things around. Once things are set in stone you can rewrite it in pen. You can also use this time to start writing your holiday shopping list.

Once you have a clearer view of your holiday calendar, you can better plan your shopping days. See a weekend available? Make a note to do some shopping that weekend. Remember to try and keep a weekend or two for you. Too often we let our holiday calendar fill up without giving ourselves proper “me time.”

No matter how busy life may seem you can always schedule a few hours for yourself.

By getting a jump on your holiday calendar, you’re giving yourself an overview of the coming months. Planning this now will make you feel more prepared to handle what’s to come. You’ll know when to shop, when to cook/bake, and when to relax. Because even though the final quarter of the year can get crazy, it’s also a time to pause and reflect. Don’t forget to do that. It’s the hidden fifth and final way to get ready for fall.

Need someone to help you get rid of any donations? Have questions about what you should declutter and what you shouldn’t? You’re in luck because those are two services I offer! I’ll help you downsize your possessions and do donation runs. All you have to do is contact me today. I’d love to help take some weight off of your shoulders. So don’t wait. Reach out today and let me help you get ready for fall.

Is there anything special you do to prepare for the season? Do you have a set time when you want to get everything done or do you go with the flow? Comment below.

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