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Feedback & Reviews

What have Customers said about our Work?

"Having you on the other side of this phone is more than a help because it helps me to stay focused. I'm giving it the time and attention that I deserve, that it deserves."

Lynette C.

"Shira is terrific in every area- very kind, understanding of what needs to get done, and efficient. We are very lucky that we've found Shira and hope to work with her on many projects going forward."

Beth M.

"Working with Shira was a great experience. She offered helpful feedback and collaborated with me to determine the most efficient method for document and book storage. I do not have a car and Shira purchased, delivered, and assembled necessary items. She had no problem returning/exchanging items that I didn’t want or didn’t function properly."

Micah G.

"Shira was a huge help for me during my corporate relocation. I was under a lot of time constraints having started a new job and preparing for the movers to come and pack up the house. I was able to save a lot of time running around town to discard of unwanted items to charity, bulk shredding, and larger household items that I couldn't put in the trash area. Thanks, Shira, for your help and for being flexible to work around my schedule. You made the move a lot easier!"


"My granddaughter was so happy to have all this space to ride her bicycle!"

Evelyn S.

"Shira is talented, hardworking, and creative. She took a room crammed full of random stuff and made it welcoming and relaxing to be in. She takes initiative and has creative solutions to frustrating clutter problems. Would definitely recommend her and hire her again!"

Rina HS

"I've been meaning to drop you a note of thanks about the guidance and assistance you provided to my son, P. As a disabled Navy Vet, his organization and cleaning skills are limited; so, helping him organize/reorganize his apartment was a big challenge. And, you came through VERY well. P is so pleased with both how you helped throughout the process as well as the neat, organized results. Congratulations on a job well-done!"

Matt L.

"I had to move, and I was very stressed. Shira was fantastic and helped me get organized and feel less anxious about the process of packing. We tackled the things that were stressing me out the most, and once she had to go, I was feeling energized was able to finish packing efficiently. Shira can help you, especially if you're stressed about packing. She is calm and understanding, organized and I think that makes her an amazing help when moving."

Rafi A.

"Shira was super helpful and patient as she guided me in emptying and organizing my kitchen in preparation for a kitchen reno. Definitely an overwhelming job that she streamlined for me. She was happy being hands-on, packing boxes with me, and was very good natured given all our kids were bouncing around in the process. Looking forward to continuing to work with her to create a more organized home.”

Miri R.

"Shira is incredibly helpful. She is patient, extremely organized, and great at what she does! I was able to get rid of a lot of stuff that I likely wouldn’t have gotten rid of without her. Really thankful!"

Clara D.

In just one session we made major improvements and finally I can see the floor. What I thought was too much to do was easily done with Shira's guidance and help. Highly recommended!

Lisa CH

"Shira was very helpful to me when starting to unpack the kitchen in our new place. She was on time, kind, and not pushy about where to locate our items."

Client from Belmont, MA

"You really helped me think about the [office] space... I am hoping to reach out again very soon to work on our home organizing."

Mimi Y.

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