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Photo Organizing

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

How do you organize your photos? DO you organize your photos? Maybe you’re asking, “What does that mean?”

Setting up a system to keep your photos safe and accessible makes them more enjoyable to view. You know where they are and can easily recall the experience when you know the date they were taken.

Here is how to create an organized photo album:

1. Shop for one you like- Check Target, CVS, or even the Dollar Store. Don’t buy the first thing you see, take some time to browse. Some question to consider: Are your photos standard-size? Are they smaller than standard size? (Many were back in the 80’s and 90’s!) Do you even have some wallet-sized photos of your kids you used to carry around when they were young? You probably won’t find an album with slots for these small photos, but you can combine them with others to fill up the space. Do you want your album to contain space for a lot of pictures, that combine many years of experiences, or do you want one for each year? So much to think about! What style do you want for the outside? Plain and simple? Fun and exciting? If you are making this a family experience, go to the store together, get everyone involved (if there is a lot of difference of opinion, maybe each family member can choose their favorite album for a different experience the family has had together, or for their particular circle of friends).

2. Once you find that perfect album, it’s time to get busy! Gather your photos. How do you want to categorize them? My ideal system is to do so by age and/or experience. My 5-year-old birthday party? That goes first. That trip to Hawaii I took with my family when I was 10? That goes next (Okay, and maybe some in between). Make sure to write descriptions on the backs of the photos! Perhaps where they were taken, what date, who was in the photo, any other information that would help you recall the experience or celebration.

3. Label the cover, as well as the binding of the album for easy reference (I might write "Family Trip to Hawaii, Summer 1998".)

4. Put it on your shelf to enjoy for future viewing. Or, if you are low on space, and the album is from experiences that were ages ago, you can put it in storage. But make sure to place in a box first to preserve your photos. I recommend the sturdy plastic storage bins. You can get these from Target or Wal-Mart.

There are other ways to organize your photos- a regular photo album that you can hold is my favorite, but you can also organize your photos digitally. Stay tuned for tips on that method coming soon!

Do you need help organizing your photos? Reach out, I can help!

Comment below! Do you have photo albums? How do you organize them? Where do you keep them?

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