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Don’t Just Spring Clean, Spring Declutter by Tossing These 10 Overlooked Items

When you start planning spring cleaning, what goes on your list? Do you scrub the kitchen counters? Do you mop and vacuum? How about that upholstery? Do you give it a good deep clean? These are popular chores to add to a Spring Cleaning list. But what about decluttering? This annual cleaning marathon is the ideal time to declutter as well as clean.

Think about it. You’re already cleaning so why not take the time to declutter as well? A good spring declutter can be just as empowering as a spring cleaning. And to help you along, I’m listing some items people often overlook when decluttering.

Here are 10 things you should consider decluttering during spring cleaning

#1 — Cleaning supplies

What’s the main thing you need when spring cleaning? Cleaning supplies, of course. But when was the last time you replaced them? Cleaning supplies, like medication and food, have expiration dates. And you should honor them.

So before you even begin cleaning, do a declutter of your cleaning supplies. And check beyond your actual products. What’s the state of your broom or vacuum cleaner? What about cleaning rags?

If you’ve been meaning to make the switch to non-toxic products, now is the time. If you have products that aren’t expired yet, do your best to use them up first before switching to limit your waste.

Once you know your cleaning supply stash is up to date and ready to use, you can proceed with cleaning.

#2 — Throw pillows & blankets

Who doesn’t love a good throw pillow or blanket? They can cozy up a space in seconds. But pillows and blankets can wear out over time. Pillows begin to flatten. The seams can ripe. Stuffing falls out and gets everywhere. Blankets can lose their fluff.

Replace any pillows or blankets that have seen better days. Don’t just look on your couch, though. Check the pillows and blankets on all bedding in the house.

Instead of throwing old pillows or blankets away, reach out to a local animal shelter. They’re always looking for pillows and blankets to keep the animals comfortable.

#3 — Expired products or medication

Remember how I said before that cleaning supplies were like medication? They expire. This is why your medicine cabinet is a great area to declutter during spring cleaning.

Toss any expired medication or hygiene products. Keep a list of items you need to replace, but also ask yourself when was the last time you used it? If you’re decluttering a ton of lipstick, maybe you need to rethink if you’re a lipstick person. Instead of four, have one that’s your tried and true color.

The same goes for hygiene and hair products. If you find yourself decluttering a lot, chances are you need to rethink what you use. This will help you save money and space.

#4 — Yard declutter

Spring means nice weather. It means preparing your garden and yard for future barbeques and get-togethers. So spring cleaning makes for the perfect time to get outside and declutter your yard.

Open up that shed and make some decisions. Are there toys in there your children don’t play with anymore? Could your lawnmower use an upgrade? When was the last time you even used those gardening shears?

Now is also a good time to rake up any dead leaves, grass, or branches that might be cluttering up your yard.

#5 — Indoor & outdoor furniture

Furniture is often one of the last things people think to declutter. I get it. It’s big and bulky and finding a new home for it can feel impossible. But if you’re sitting on a couch with sinking cushions and no support, it’s time for a new one.

Don’t just consider indoor furniture. Test out your outdoor furniture as well. What’s the state of your outdoor dining table and chairs? What about your umbrella?

Most furniture can be repaired, but sometimes it's too far gone. If that's the case, it's okay to replace it. Furniture, like everything else, does wear out in time.

#6 — Winter clothing

Before you store your winter clothes away for the season, declutter them first. Hold up each piece and ask yourself:

  • Did I wear this during the winter?

  • Will I wear it next winter?

Chances are if you didn’t wear it this season, you won’t wear it during the next one.

Don’t just do this for your clothes. Go through your children's clothes as well. If you don’t remember them wearing something this past season, declutter it. Get their opinion first, but more than likely they’ll be happy to let it go.

#7 — Linen

I mentioned pillows, blankets, and bedding before and now let’s talk about linens. Again, this is something that will wear out over time so it’s important to replace them every now and then.

When sorting through your stock, consider how much you really need. The most popular number is two sets for every member of the household. One main set and one backup. So if you’re a family of four that means eight sets.

It’s fine to have an emergency set or two. If you’re prone to having guests over, keep a set or two for them, but no more than that. Use this time to really pare down your overstock and keep the best of the bunch.

#8 — Lawn & garden tools

Let’s head outdoors again. Before you begin to prepare your garden, check the quality of your lawn and garden tools. You can't hope to trim any scrubs with dull blades.

If the handles keep falling off, it’s time to replace them. If your shears are dull and no sharpener can help, buy a new pair. Having solid lawn and garden tools are imperative. Especially if you’re the type of person who is an avid gardener. You need tools that work and do what they’re meant to.

As for lawn equipment, if you have a landscaping company you may not need the highest-quality pieces. But having your own set to use on the off chance you want to do it yourself is a good idea. So check up on your equipment and replace what you need to.

#9 — Unused or outdated decor

Spring and summer don’t have as many decorative holidays as fall and winter. While people do decorate for Easter, Independence Day, and a few others, it’s not as much. That’s why spring cleaning is a great time to declutter any unused or outdated decor.

Take a look through your entire stock of decor (including fall and winter). If you haven’t put an item out in years, declutter it. If a piece you love is beginning to fade, replace it.

Be realistic about your decor. How much do you really put out? What’s your space situation like? If something doesn’t fit or match your style, it’s fine to declutter it or gift it to a friend or family member.

#10 — Niche kitchen gadgets

When was the last time you used that pasta maker? Be honest. Do you make enough lemonade to warrant owning a lemon squeezer? How about that avocado peeler? Doesn’t a regular knife do it well enough?

Spring is an excellent time to sort through all those niche kitchen gadgets. Like everything else mentioned on this list, it’s about being realistic. If you use a niche kitchen gadget or appliance once, maybe twice a year, declutter it.

Paring down your kitchen appliances and gadgets will save you time and space. And if there does come a time that you need something specific, chances are a friend or family member has one you can borrow.

Spring cleaning can sometimes seem like a burden. But it really is a fun tradition that makes your home feel refreshed. And when you approach it in that mindset, you’re going to be more inclined to make better decisions about what you keep and what you don’t.

So keep this list handy when you begin your spring cleaning. And be sure to keep me posted by commenting below on what you decide to declutter during spring cleaning.

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